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Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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January 1st, 2013


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Divided We Fall

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Divided we Fall is a close-combat multiplayer game with team-driven strategy at its core set in various immersive battlefields of the Second World War.
Command your squad through WW2, form well thought-out battlefield tactics and execute them effectively to ensure your path to victory.
Hone your skills in fast paced 1 vs 1 real-time battles, or join battles with up to 10 soldiers per side, each will require a great amount of planning, co-operation and teamwork.
Become a commander by being the highest ranked player of a team, devise an overall battle plan for your team and assign weapons to your soldiers through an in-game board interface.
To achieve victory as a commander on the battlefield, you must make effective use of terrain to provide cover for your troops, create deadly kill zones and ambush the enemy. Success hinges on the tactics formed during the planning phase, the effective teamwork between each other and the individual execution of the chosen tactics during combat.
Forge strong bonds of brotherhood in this intense multiplayer combat, for Divided we Fall…

Divided We Fall has the following key features:

  • Intense battles where tactics and teamwork are key to win battles
  • Close quarter combat with tactical manoeuvring and ambushes
  • Squad-based action combined with team play that has a clear military chain of command
  • Compete with your clan via ranking systems, leaderboards and competitions
  • Command your fire team successfully and strive to become a general
  • Use the World War II terrain to your advantage; provide cover for your troops and create deadly kill zones and ambushes.


Before KAVA Game Studio was founded, Florian Käding developed and maintained the predecessor to Divided We Fall from 2001 to 2012. Florian, a student at the time, released Call of Combat in 2002. The game garnered more than 100,000 registered players and generated an active and loyal community. Technological advances prompted the halt of the original game’s development to divert Florian’s attention to its successor, Divided We Fall.

Together with Erik Vader, an avid fan of Call of Combat, Florian created KAVA Game Studio in 2013. They had a single goal: to realise the community’s wish for a contemporary version of Call of Combat. Antoine Meurillon joined KAVA in 2014 and eventually took over Erik’s role within the company. With the same name as its predecessor, the game’s open alpha was released in February 2015. In the same month, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to acquire support and awareness. Although the goal was not reached, KAVA continues to go forward in its bid to attain what the founders set out to do – create a game the community will love.

As part of the game’s progress, Call of Combat officially changed its name to Divided We Fall in March 2016. Divided We Fall more accurately conveys what the game is about and the studio’s vision.

The following timeline shows the concise history of Call of Combat…Divided We Fall:


Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Autumn Update YouTube

Press Releases

Divided We Fall Release on Steam
The WW2 team-driven RTS Divided We Fall releases 2nd October 2017 after a year in Steam Early Access. After several years of great support by the community, development of Divided We Fall has been advancing in leaps and bounds via the Steam Early Access program since September 2016. A year later there has been much new content and big improvements, including a more detailed weapon system, new suppression mechanics, a full renewal of the UI and animations, a tutorial and improved new player experience, an easy to use map editor, and much more. It all comes together to make the core gameplay more compelling and exciting than ever before!

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Divided We Fall Steam Early Access
Divided We Fall is now available via the Steam Store with a 20% launch discount.After several years of great support by the community, the game hits a great milestone; Steam. Divided We Fall is a strategic close-combat multiplayer that emphasizes the importance of building a cohesive squad, forming well thought-out plans together with your teammates and executing them on World War 2 battlegrounds.

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Divided We Fall
KAVA Game Studio’s Call of Combat will change its name to Divided We Fall on 4 March 2016. Since the Kickstarter campaign, Divided has received many updates and features that made the initial prototype richer, deeper and improved replayability. These updates include a competitive clan system, leaderboards, many new maps and the collaborative battle planning feature integral to Divided’s gameplay.

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Kickstarter Launch
After the first version was released in 2002, KAVA Game Studio is developing a revival of the cult hit Call of Combat, a multiplayer real-time strategy game set in the Second World War.

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There are far more images available for KAVA Game Studio, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Florian Käding
Head of development, KAVA co-owner

Antoine Meurillon
Game design, KAVA co-owner

Marcel Du Long
Art director

Wessel van der Es
Technical artist

Jonathan Doorenbosch
3D Artist

David Belli

Ian Hitchcox
Web Developer

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